Want to be a Cabin Counselor?

Want to be a Cabin Counselor/Activity Instructor at Camp California?

  • Are you 20 years of age by June 1? Are you available from June 8 – August 19, 2018?
  • Do you enjoy working with children and or teens?
  • Are you fluent in English?
  • Do you have previous experience teaching and leading young people? 
  • Do you have skills, teaching experience and or qualifications in any of the 30 activities Camp California offers? 
  • Are you prepared to be a friend, role model, teacher and mentor to the hundreds of boys and girls that participate on the Camp California Program this summer? 


If you can answer yes to all of the above, then being a counselor at Camp California may be the experience you’re looking for this summer. Camp California hosts 50 highly skilled and motivated young men and women from around the world to spend their summer in Pakostane Croatia.