Dates and Prices

Please sign up as soon as possible to ensure your preferred session for the summer.   

Camp California will operate 1 one-week session and 4 two-week sessions for Residential Camp. Teen Adventure also offers 4, two-week sessions and 2 two week sessions for Teen Sailing.

Session Dates Resident Camp Teen Adventure Teen Sailing
Session 1 June 23 - June 29 €795 (Closed) N/A N/A
Session 2 June 30 - July 13 €1595 (Closed)  €2150 (Closed)   €2350 (Closed)
Session 3 July 14 - July 27 €1595 (Closed) €2150 (Closed)  €2350 (Closed for boys)
Session 4 July 28 - August 10 €1595 €2150 (Closed) N/A
Session 5 August 11 - August 24     €1595 €2150   N/A

For all two week sessions there is a sibling discount of  €50, returnee discount of  €25 per previous summer and a €100 discount per child if the full balance is paid by February 2nd.

A nonrefundable registration deposit  of  €350 is required to reserve a space in Camp California program.  The balance is due May 3rd. If you are registering after May 3rd  the full balance needs to be paid at the time of registration. 

Proof of medical insurance is required for all participants during their stay at camp. Camp California offers competitive travel insurance if you need it. The price is 15 € for 1 week, and 35 € for 2 weeks. 

Transportation to the camp is not included in the price, but Camp California charters buses from a variety of European cities and airports to accommodate your child's travel needs. 


Transportation Costs:
City Return One way
Budapest City Center 150€ 105€
Split Airport* 65€ 40€
Zagreb Airport* 80€ 60€
Zadar Airport* 45€ 30€
Ljubljana City Center 120€ 95€
Transportation Schedule:
City Pick up (Sun.) Return (Sat.)
Budapest City Center 08:00 16:00-18:00
Split Airport Between 10:00-15:00 12:00-15:00
Zadar Airport Between 12:00-16:00 12:00-16:00
Zagreb Airport Between 10:00-14:00 12:00-16:00
Ljubljana City Center 09:00 17:00 and 19:00


If you are unable to arrive or depart from the above Airport destination during the above mentioned times, we can also arrange for out of schedule pick-ups for a fee of between €50 and  €550 . Parents are always welcome to drive your children to camp yourself, so you can see the camp and meet our counselors and staff in person!  Our official "open day" for visitors is Saturday morning on Departure Day.

Your local Camp California Office or Representative will be available to assist with and coordinate travel arrangements for your child. Should your travel schedule require a Saturday night stay at camp, there is an additional fee of  €75. However, we strongly encourage all campers to arrive Sunday afternoon and depart on Saturday if possible.

For families arriving by car, you must arrive and depart at the following times:

Opening Day – Sunday between 15:00 and 17:00 / Closing Day – Saturday between 9:00 and 12:00. 

If a camper cancels before May3rd  due to medical reasons that can be fully documented with a physician’s written explanation, a full refund will be sent to the participants less the applicaiton deposit.

If a camper cancels for any other reason before May 3rd  a full refund  of 50% will be returned to the participant. 

If a camper cancels after May 3rd  due to medical reasons that can be fully documented with a physician’s written explanation a full refund will be sent to the participant, less the applicaiton deposit and a €200 cancellation fee.

If a camper cancels for any other reason after May 3rd, a 50% refund of the full fees will be returned. 

Campers canceling within two weeks of the start of the session are not eligible for a refund.

Contact a Camp California Office