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At Camp California, we offer a variety of activities. From sports, waterfront, outdoor adventure and the arts. We also have good old campfires, theme days and a variety of active and quiet games - we truly have something for everyone.

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Honey you can’t love one

Honey you can’t love one
honey you can’t love one
You can’t love one and still have fun,
So I’m leaving on the midnight train,
La-di-dah, oh-boy, toot-toot.

Two – still be true
Three – still love me
Four – still have more
Five – still survive
Six – still play tricks
Seven – still go to heaven
Eight – still be great
Nine – still be mine

Honey you can’t love ten (why not?)
Honey you can’t love ten (who says?)
You can’t love ten so baby kiss me again,
And forget about the midnight train
La-di-dah, oh-boy, toot-toot.

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