Are campers allowed to use mobile phones in camp?

Campers traveling alone by plane or on the Camp California bus are encouraged to bring a cell phone to camp. We ask that your child call or send you a text message once they've arrived at camp. However all mobile phones are collected at check-in and kept for safe keeping over your child's stay at camp. They will receive the phone, along with any other valuables they check into the office, on closing day check-out time.  Please be sure your child’s phone is fully charged before they leave for camp.  We do not have electricity available for recharging phones while at camp.  Camp California’s  primary goals for each camper is to improve their English, make new friends, and gain independence. This would not happen if every camper at camp had their own mobile phone and spent time talking with friends and family at home.  For campers staying for more than one session, we do give every camper the opportunity to check their phone out between sessions and check-in with home.