How is the food at camp? Are there a vegetarian options?

The food at Camp California could be said to be the best food offered at any summer camp.  It is fresh, wholesome, and tasty, and there are an incredible amount of options each meal time, so all campers are able to find something they enjoy.  Breakfast features both hot and cold menu options, and fresh fruit is always available.  For both lunch and dinner, there are multiple options for hot entrees, and there is always a robust salad bar and a daily soup option.  A pasta option, as well as a potato option, is always available at both lunch and dinner.  The menu does not include an abundance of sweets or junk food, and all meal times have vegetarian options.  If a camper has special dietary needs, please make this known on the Camper Application in the Health History Form.  In most cases, we are able to meet the needs of the camper.