We offer a wide variety of options for our families to get their campers to and from Camp California.  Your local Camp California Office or Representative will be available to assist with and coordinate travel arrangements for your camper.  Transportation costs are not included in the camp tuition price listed above; these are additional charges based on the services your camper may need.  Camp California charters buses from a variety of European cities and airports to accommodate your camper's travel needs.  Please see details below.

Transportation Costs:
City One Way                    Round Trip
Split Airport* €55 €110
Zagreb Airport* €75 €150
Zadar Airport* €45 €90
Ljubljana City Center €110 €220
Transportation Schedule:
City Pick up (Sun.) Return (Sat.)
Split Airport Between 10:00-15:00 12:00-15:00
Zadar Airport Between 12:00-16:00 12:00-16:00
Zagreb Airport Between 10:00-14:00 12:00-16:00
Ljubljana City Center 09:00 17:00 and 19:00

If a camper is unable to arrive or depart from the above airport destination during the above mentioned times, out of schedule pick-ups can be arranged for a fee of between €50 and €500.  

Parents are welcome to drive campers to camp.  For families arriving by car, please note the times for drop-off and pick-up:  Opening Day – Sunday between 15:00 and 17:00 / Closing Day – Saturday between 9:00 and 11:00.