Why Camp California?

International Friends in a Breathtaking Location

Camp California offers a summer experience that is truly unique. With a diverse community of campers and staff from over 40 countries worldwide, a beautiful Adriatic coast location, and a wide range of programs and activities based around waterfront, sports, arts, and adventure, our camp is a gateway to global friendships, English language immersion, and unforgettable memories.

Join us for a fun, safe, and enriching summer experience that fosters personal growth and celebrates the spirit of a global community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and enriching environment where children make friends, learn new skills, communicate in English, and gain a better appreciation for the global community. We build self-confidence, courage, and resilience in an exciting, welcoming, and active setting.

Hear the Camp California Song:

There’s no wifi at camp, but we promise you’ll get a stronger connection.

Camp California is proud to be a device-free camp. We believe the best connections happen face-to-face. By unplugging and taking a break from technology, our campers build social skills and connect with each other by being 100% present at camp.
Plus, with a location like this, who needs devices?

Check out our incredible location:

Since 2003,
Camp California has hosted...

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Camp California Through the Years

Original Camp California Logo


Camp California opens in Savudrija, Croatia, becoming Europe’s first international ‘American-style’ summer camp.

Old Camp California Logo


Camp California introduces Teen Sailing and Teen Adventure, alongside its original Resident Camp Program.

Old Camp California Logo


Camp California relocates to Pakoštane, Croatia on the beautiful Dalmatian Coast.

Camp California Logo


Camp California celebrates 20 years of hosting campers from around the world.